Reset a Toshiba Laptop Back to Factory Settings

Are you trying to find a way to reset Toshiba notebooks? Let me guess, whether your computer crashes or is too slow, will you offer anything to make your Toshiba laptop do as it does that day? If you are, you have come to the right place because this article will cover everything you need to know to reset your Toshiba laptop to factory settings like new noble settings.

How to Reset a Toshiba Laptop Without a Recovery CD

Unlike other notebook brands, most Toshiba notebooks are not accompanied by a recoverable CD-ROM. This also applies to new laptops that are out of the shelf today. Instead, they are provided with a hidden partition on the operating system (OS) hard disk and device drivers that are needed to restore your laptop and make it work like a new one.

If your laptop has one of these hidden partitions, then you're lucky! This makes the process very simple because you can restore your laptop without a factory recovery disk. If you feel itchy to use the old CD-ROM drive, you can still copy the section above to create a recovery disc for your CD or DVD. However, let's focus on how to reset your Toshiba laptop to its original factory state without restoring the disc in 7 simple steps:

Turn off the laptop completely from the Windows Start menu.
Remove all external devices connected to the notebook including the mouse, keyboard, thumb drive, USB hub, Bluetooth adapter, monitor, and so on.
Connect the laptop to the AC adapter.
Turn on your laptop and press and hold the "0" button (for example, this is the zero key). Release the button when you display a warning message on the screen.
If the recovery process gives you the choice of operating system, make sure you choose the most appropriate operating system.
Another warning message will appear telling you that all data will be deleted after the recovery process begins. Click Yes to continue the recovery process.
You must now open the Toshiba Recovery Wizard and provide the Factory Recovery Option. Just select this option and follow the instructions on the screen.
If you try to find a way to reset your Toshiba laptop with Windows 7, the above steps should work magically, but not all Toshiba models are the same and the process may vary slightly. Some Toshiba recovery processors will provide a "troubleshooting" button where you can then "update your computer" (such as saving your file) or "reset your computer" (for example, update your entire laptop). Follow the screen instructions and select the option that best suits your preferences.

Depending on the specifications of the laptop system (for example, hard drive type and memory ... you understand the point), the whole reset may take 15 minutes to more than two hours, so be sure to set aside time. You may also have to restart your laptop several times - be patient.

If you are more visually and blended with all of the above, it does not matter. Watch the next YouTube video with 7 steps to reset your Toshiba laptop to factory settings.

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