Create Toshiba Restore Point in Windows 7/8/10

Restore Point Definition
A restore point is a system state that was created in a previous state, which allows you to restore the system to a previous date if the system is destroyed. Each restore point has important information needed to restore the system. System Restore will create a restore point before important changes in the Windows operating system, and has a feature called automatic recovery space management to delete the oldest restore points to new space.

How often does the system create restore points automatically?
It all depends on the condition of your computer such as the Toshiba Satellite C655 laptop that you are facing. There are a number of conditions that System Restore will automatically create restore points on Toshiba computers.

Application installation.
Install Windows Update. Before Windows updates start, System Restore will make a restore point just in case.
System recovery. This makes it possible to discard recovery.
Scheduled System Backup. If you set a schedule backup task, the restore point will also be created automatically.
In addition, for different Windows operating systems, recovery points will be created automatically under different conditions:

Windows 7/8/10: Restore points will only be created if there are no restore points created in the last week (7 days).
Windows Vista: Restore points will be created only if no restore points were created that day.
Windows XP: Restore points will be created every 24 hours from absolute time.
How do I find a previous restore point on a Toshiba computer?
In general, file system restore points are located in the System Volume Information folder (hidden by default) from the Toshiba system drive, usually drive C. To access the folder, it must be visible to you and get high permissions. That is very complicated.

Another easy way to see if you have a restore point on a Toshiba Satellite computer, here it is:

You can open Start -> Control Panel -> System and Security -> System -> System Protection.
In the System Protection section, if the System Restore button is gray. That means no recovery points have been created. Meanwhile, the value of Protection is Off.

After that, you can restore Toshiba to the default settings, or you can use Windows installation media to reset the Toshiba Factory. However, all data on the Toshiba computer will be destroyed, or stuck in the Toshiba factory reset reset key 0 which has no problem when resetting.

Restore point problem
Although the Toshiba restore point will return your Toshiba system to a previous system state (system and software settings). There are several disadvantages:

It cannot restore personal documents, music, e-mail, and other files.
It will not return accidentally deleted files.
The restore point will delete all programs installed on Toshiba after the restore point has been created.

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